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the real miichaan23
Mita Karima is my full name, yeah, you can simply call me MITA or MII-CHAN.

20 years old, last December.

Go to State Polytechnic of Jakarta in Business Administration Department, this year is my 2nd year in PNJ. I'm from INDONESIA and I live in Jakarta. But when I must get back to college life next February, I stay in Depok.

My lovely fandom? You can easily know if you see my LJ, right? :) Yes, my fandom is KAT-TUN NEWS Arashi Kanjani8 Hey!Say!JUMP-or easily JOHNNYS ENTERTAINMENT. My ICHIBAN Suki in Joniz are Akanishi Jin and YamaPi, and my lovely little brother Morimoto Ryutaro-HSJ :)

My hobbies are fan-girling, photoshop-ing, twitter-ing, and of course drawing.. I will post MY DRAWING/FANART continuously, and IT WON'T LOCK! So please see and give me comment~ Your comments are LOVE.

Anyway since i love photoshop-ing, all of the graphics on this journal was made by me or miichaan23 with scanlation from boys_paper, kattunlove, news_jpop and many more. And textures from textures_r_us.

Finally, My personality? SANGUIN MELANCHOLY! A personality that has 2 different side of story! Happy but Sad, Cry then Laugh, Smart but Silly, Lazy but I love to make a plan!, so I think I'm a moody person. Well, it really depends on the situation.

But, DON'T WORRY! DON'T AFRAID! I'm a cheerful and kindest person you will ever met if YOU ADD ME~~!! ^^// So if you are in the same fandom with me, or have same hobby, just add me okay? ♥♥ But DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT ON MY ENTRY FIRST!! :)

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